If you own a business or live in Western New York, you likely use one of the two major electric companies– National Grid or NYSEG. Both companies offer up big savings on green solutions to your home and office lighting. Through National Grid’s rebate program, they will pay 60% of your installation costs when you switch to LED lighting for indoor or outdoor use. Once the installation is complete, your energy bill will significantly decrease each month. To take a look at what kind of rebates NYSEG and National Grid offer in Buffalo NY and WNY, click the intext links.

Why LED?

LED, or light emitting diodes, lighting is widely known to be more efficient than traditional incandescent lighting, but knowing what that efficiency means for you as a multi-family homeowner or business owner. Listed below is a chart showing the cost comparisons for traditional incandescent, CFL or compact fluorescent light, and LED lights. This chart reflects the type of savings one would have if they took advantage of switching to LED. The cost of traditional bulbs all throughout the home or office is over five times more expensive.

Big Savings

According to documents provided by National Grid, companies in WNY been taking advantage of this rebate program and saving big. After installation at DePaolo’s Restaurant in Blasdell, the savings are over $4,200 per year, and they received over $11,000 back from their National Grid rebate. The National Grid rebate covers 60% of installation costs for your upgrade, but the savings per year based on the amount of electricity saved with LED lighting would certainly cover whatever installation costs were left over.

The Switch is Not Major Construction

To save the most amount of money on your energy bills and not disturb the existing fixtures and construction of the office or home you use; the rebate programs do not allow a major overhaul or reconstruction for this specific rebate program. The rebates are only available for new lighting to be retrofitted to the existing lighting. This translates to a much quicker turnaround in your original investment, and no significant changes to the function of your space. To receive the rebate, it is required for a licensed lighting professional to complete the work of retrofitting new LED lighting to the old fixtures in the home or workplace.

What do I Need to Do Next?

To get an assessment for the LED rebate programs in Buffalo NY and fully understand what kind of improvements you will be making to your home or business; you must contact a professional to assess what can be changed and what your projected costs and savings are. You can do this through National Grid, or contact a qualified lighting specialist at HEC Solutions, who can get you all the information you need. At HEC Solutions, you can have an in-house assessment, quote for costs, and complete knowledge of what is ahead without dealing with 1-800 numbers and customer service representatives. Give HEC Solutions a call, or leave your information here, and we will help you or your business go green and save big.