Update Your Communications with CoreNexa by Coredial

Effective communication is key to any business’s success. There are so many different platforms and apps that are popular and at times necessary to stay in communication. Unifying your businesses communication can make day-to-day tasks much simpler and faster than before.

Corenexa is a cloud-based communications system for business. Your business can have all their communications in one place instead of using several different phones, emails, messaging apps, video conferencing platforms to do what you need them to do. Having your businesses communications streamlined into one place allows your companies workflow to be unencumbered.

Go Cordless and Cut Costs

Much of technology is moving to digital, in fact most businesses have. Ditching the landline for a safer, more secure, and a more reliable, proven, new technology will help your business move forward in an ever-changing market and economy. SIP trunking and VoIP has much to offer for your business. To learn more about SIP trunking and VoIP and how it works for you, read on to one of our previous blogs.

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Working remotely in 2020 has gone from a safety precaution to the new normal. You and your team may not all be able to be in the same place every day. You may be working completely from home. Perhaps you have half the staff in the office and half from home. Either way, let us at HEC Solutions connect your team to make everything communication easier, so you can get back to business.

The biggest change your business will see by switching with HEC Solutions to a SIP trunking/VoIP system is the monthly savings. Studies have shown throughout the market that the savings an add up to 50% versus a PRI or primary rate interface—the age old landline style technology.

LED Lighting solutions- rebate program

It is 2021, bulbs are no longer made from bamboo or rare minerals dug out of caves. Switching a multi-family home or business to become more energy efficient is safer and cheaper than ever. There are currently huge rebates offered by both National Grid and NYSEG in Upstate New York that will improve the lifespan of your lighting and lighten up your electricity bills.


National Grid’s rebate program for LED lighting retrofitting will cover 60% of all installation costs. This is not major construction for your multi-family residence or business, it is a simple installation with a rather quick return on investment from your energy savings. To find out more about this program, read further.

According to documents provided by National Grid, companies in western New York have been taking advantage of this rebate program and saving big. After installation at DePaolo’s Restaurant in Blasdell, the savings are over $4,200 per year, and they received over $11,000 back from their National Grid rebate.

New Year, New Opportunities

With the start of the new year, as every year offers, is a fresh start to reinvent and reinvigorate your business, that all begins with taking an honest look at how your business functions and how it can function better. Taking a critical look at what can be changed for the better, and keeping what works is how businesses are meant to survive. If you are looking to streamline your business communications, update your technology and save money to move forward through 2021, HEC Solutions can help your business do so. Give us a call today or leave your information here and we can contact you to help you save and thrive in 2021.