CoreNexa 7.0 is Coming!

CoreNexa 7.0 is the evolution of our proven and industry-leading cloud communications platform. CoreNexa 7.0 is a fully-loaded, all-in-one solution that combines high-quality voice & video with everything employees need to be productive & stay engaged, whether working remotely or in the office. The revolutionary new platform will be available in April.

What is New?

There are many ways to have virtual meetings in 2021, but CoreNexa 7.0 has changed the functionality of virtual meetings and the workspace. With 7.0 your office has the option to create an actual office. From a built-in softphone for making and taking calls, to video meetings, virtual rooms, contacts with presence, messaging with chat and SMS, and much more, CoreNexa 7.0 has it all. Unlike other “one-trick” video and meeting applications, CoreNexa 7.0 is a true collaboration space, with high-value, high-demand features that will sell themselves.

Office Setup


Each member of your team can design their own office, virtually that is. In addition, team rooms can be set up as well, allowing collaboration to occur as natural as in person. Along with having your own office, you can lock your door. Those wishing to speak (video or voice) will have to “knock” to come in and meet.


“Always on” Virtual Rooms that enable personal, face-to-face, real-time interactions whether working in the office or remotely. CoreNexa 7.0 as a desktop application functions are integrated to fit the workday, whether from home, or in the physical office. The desktop application stays on throughout the workday, not something that you just load in the browser like zoom, slack, etc. The app allows all communications, scheduling, meetings, notes, to be done in one space that is easily sharable with your teams.

Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is a incredibly useful tool when it comes to teaching and helping people, whether it be fellow employees, new hires, or clients. With CoreNexa 7.0 screensharing has gotten more comprehensive. 7.0 Allows multiple people to share screens and gives each person, either on a video or voice call, or just chat, meeting to choose and change which screens they would like to see. This ability to have multiple people (up to 100!) on a video conference and be able to share exactly what they are working on provides transparency to  your business and allows better understanding amongst everyone in the calls.


CoreNexa Unified Communications Application Dashboard

The Communities function of CoreNexa 7.0 allows businesses to better communicate with other business partners and clients. On the platform you can partner with other businesses, create rooms specifically designed for groups of each team to collaborate and combine the efforts of your businesses to achieve your goals for clearly.

Revitalize Your Communication

If your business needs an update that will create a better workflow for all team members, CoreNexa by CoreDial will move your business in the right direction. Communication is one of the most important keys to success in business, and with how tough this past year has been for business and communication, it is necessary for businesses to be adaptable to the technology that necessary to thrive. If you would like to learn more about what CoreNexa 7.0 by CoreDial can do for your business, give HEC Solutions a call. We are local, from Western New York and have been in business for two decades serving this community. We look forward to partnering with you!