With Spring upon us, comes Spring cleaning and renovations to our homes. Other than having a garage sale, much of the cleaning and renovations do not end up saving us money, but it can. If you live in the WNY or Buffalo NY area, there are lighting rebates and programs that could help you save a lot on your electricity costs each month.

Currently there are rebate programs for LED retrofitting in WNY from both NYSEG and National Grid that could save your multi-family home, or business a considerable amount in the coming year.

What is Retrofitting?

Myths about LED Lighting & LED Light Bulbs - Minneapolis, MN, Retrofit

We all rely on lighting every day and night of our lives, it is simply the way we live and have lived for over 100 years. Fortunately, lighting has advanced greatly in the last 10-20 years to the point where the light bulbs and lighting fixtures on the market are built to save the most amount of energy without sacrificing what a lighting fixture does—give light.

Unfortunately, a considerable amount of the lighting we use and see daily is outdated, and in some cases, dangerous. However, retrofitting is the simple solution to outdated lighting fixtures for residential, commercial, and indoor/outdoor.

Retrofitting is a way to update old lighting fixtures without any major construction or electrical work. Lighting specialists will take out the old diodes and replace them with new LED lighting that adapts into the older fixtures. It is a more cost-effective way of saving on your energy bills without having to rewire your home or office. The process can be done in one day (depending on the scope of work) and can save you thousands on your energy bills.

Questions to ask when retrofitting with LED lighting
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How to Get Started?

If you would like to be reimbursed for 60% of your installation costs and save hundreds or even thousands on your yearly energy bills, give HEC Solutions a call. You can have an in-house assessment, quote for costs, and complete knowledge of what is ahead without dealing with 1-800 numbers and customer service representatives. 

During your free assessment, a lighting specialist will show you your potential savings and the breakdown of all costs. These savings are based on the location, wattage and usage of the property.

HEC Solutions Can Help

If you would like to learn more about the Buffalo NY LED rebate programs offered by National Grid and NYSEG, you can read more from our previous blog that dives into the savings and examples of the rebate program. If you are interested and want to know more about energy efficient lighting and you live in the Buffalo NY area, give us a call or leave your information here and we will call you to answer all of your questions and give you a free in-house assessment of what you can save by using LED retrofitting through HEC Solutions.