Lose the Apps

Having in business involves a lot of collaboration—not just with clients and other businesses, but within the company. Companies use email, phone, messaging applications, and countless video conferencing applications. CoreNexa 7.0 allows an office to unify all communications onto one platform that makes all other forms obsolete. There is no need to have a messaging app for your internal communication, Skype for calls, zoom for video conference, and everything else needed to stay in touch. With CoreNexa 7.0, video conferencing, messaging, email, scheduling, contacts; it is all on the same software.

Hybrid Workspace

Now that we are approaching a time where offices are slowly returning to their normal hum, some companies face the dilemma of some employees working in the office and some from home. This has been a scary year, so it is understandable for some people to make the choice to work remotely while others work in the office. With CoreNexa 7.0 there is no difference where co-workers are. Whether you are working in your Buffalo NY office and your sales partner is in Fiji, as long as there is decent internet connection, your office can run better than before the world shut down and stopped altogether.

With this re-entrance back to business, there is an opportunity to start fresh with your business in Buffalo and beyond. Communication is the most important part of any relationship, and business is built on relationships. Restart your business with effective communication and seamless presence with the new CoreNexa 7.0

New to CoreNexa, and for nearly all cloud-based communication interfaces, is the opportunity to have your own virtual office. If you have a hybrid office, no office is better than the next, so those working remote deserve the right to have a door, and the ability to close it when they are on a call or in a meeting. CoreNexa 7.0 offers office spaces, meeting spaces, common areas, and more for your team to collaborate and make the most out how communication can be.


With CoreNexa 7.0 calls may be made via softphone, which is built in and runs through VoIP, offering a more secure and clear way of communicating when you have to “pick up the phone.” The softphone feature also allows you to transfer calls to different co-workers or offices, whether they are remote or in-house, three-way and conference line calls, and visual voicemail and SMS text messaging. Everyone in the office can have their own office line, without paying for 20 different physical phones and lines. The savings of the softphone feature will offset what a normal phone bill would be.

Compatible with Microsoft/MAC

Compatibility is key when transitioning or adding a new software to a company. Let this transition to CoreNexa 7.0 be free of worry and headaches. The system is compatible with PC and Mac and with that, Microsoft can be used in tandem with what CoreNexa. With any setup, you can receive help from a CoreNexa specialist that will walk you through whatever you need a tutorial for. No hour long holds, just professionals helping professionals.

HEC Solutions Can Help

If your company is in the process of getting back into the office, staying remote, or anywhere in between, CoreNexa 7.0 can deliver smoother, faster, and more reliable communication that everyone will be able to quickly adapt to. This has been a strange time for business, but we are getting back into the swing of things and making the investment in clear communication will drive your business forward. If you have any questions or you would like to know more, give HEC Solutions a call or leave your information here and we will contact you with more information on CoreNexa 7.0 and how we can help your business.