Communication is one of the, if not the most, important parts of a successful business. If there is a breakdown in communication, emails do not get sent, appointments are missed, bills aren’t paid—it can be a disaster if your company’s communication is, well, a disaster. There are new communication systems popping up everywhere, video conferencing apps, messaging apps, etcetera, but you can have a communication system that includes all that you could need to run your business with effective communication that sets you up for success.

CoreNexa 7.0

CoreNexa 7.0 by CoreDial works to integrate all your business’ communication operations into one. From screen sharing to virtual meetings, instant messaging and calling, CoreNexa 7.0 does it all seamlessly without having to switch screens and login to several different apps or accounts. This system also includes VoIP. Gone are the days of landlines and shotty connections, CoreNexa 7.0 with VoIP can be your new business phone and communications service in Buffalo.

Post-Pandemic Business

The pandemic will soon hopefully be over, which means getting back to work face-to-face right? Maybe not. Many companies have discovered through the pandemic ways in which to save money and increase productivity by having employees work from home. Obviously this is different for each company and each employee, but the way we communicate and do business in Buffalo has certainly changed.

Virtual Office

One of the great new features of CoreNexa 7.0 is the virtual office. If you have taken your business to the virtual plains, CoreNexa 7.0 offers the ability to have your own office. The idea is the same as having a physical office—when someone wants to talk to you (voice or video), they can knock. If you need 30 minutes to eat your lunch or to give your undivided attention to the task at hand, you can set your office to “do not disturb”, and have the privacy of your office. There is also the option to have conference rooms and social rooms for everyone in the company to gather safely and virtually.

We Can Help

 If you are running a small business in Buffalo NY and you are looking for a phone system or overall communication system to make everything simpler for you and all of your employees, give HEC Solutions a call or leave your information here and we will contact you to walk you through our process to get your business communications up and running.